Project Appraisal & Loan Syndication


Project Appraisal is one of the major service products that Consignor established as well as upcoming corporate clients. Consignor has built its reputation in the area of Project Appraisal and Loan syndication.

  1. We have a skilled and experienced team of professionals, who have vast experience in conducting Viability Study/ TEV Study and preparing Information Memorandum.
  2. We also have a team of experienced bankers having vast experience in Loan Syndication.
  3. A complete understanding of the market dynamic and insight of the business scenario enables us to provide optimal pricing to company and investors.
  4. Having a long term vision which enables us to identify the star performances of the borrowers, and understanding approach is addressing their needs.
  5. The excellent rapport with banks/financial institutions (FIs) that Consignor enjoys enables it to make placement of securities within stipulated time.